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This exquisite example of the closed mouth Tete Jumeau bebe has a bisque socket head, large fabulous amber brown glass paperweight eyes, dark eyeliner, lushly painted lashes, rose blushed eye shadow, painted brows, closed mouth, and pierced ears. She has especially beautiful eyes. She has a French composition and wooden fully-jointed body marked “Bebe Jumeau”.
She is costumed in a beautiful couturier dress and hat. Her full blonde mohair replacement wig is of exceptional quality including extensions, resembling the high-quality wigs used by Jumeau. She retains her original cork pate. She wears her original Jumeau shoes signed "Paris Depose" with bee symbol and "7" with Jumeau socks. The shoes are in antique condition but display well.

Condition: Her head is without any damage or restoration and the quality of her bisque is excellent. She has her original body and body finish, with some old repaint to the hands.

Marks: 7 (head) with red artist checkmarks and Bebe Jumeau (body).
I previously understood that the Tete period dolls without the usual Tete stamp were made circa 1890, during the “Reclame” period of the Tete mold. At that time Jumeau was struggling financially and decided to distribute his dolls at a reduced price to the elite toy stores of Paris. These dolls were of the same high Jumeau quality, as her red artist checkmarks indicate, but were sold for less to help support the company through this difficult time. As we know, soon afterward SFBJ was established. I have recently noticed many RL dealers instead describing such dolls as "early" Tete Jumeaus. I am not sure that we have the final word on this. I have had a number of dolls marked this way and have noticed that they are particularly lovel with a "just out of the mold" look. I leave the matter of marks to the buyer. I would not hesitate to purchase one.

17" Jumeau brown-eyed bebe with closed mouth, signed Jumeau shoes.

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