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This lovely Jumeau is one of those specially commissioned for elite Paris toy stores. She is only marked with an incised F. which has not been identified. These specially commissioned dolls were a business move of Emile Jumeau to be able to sell first quality dolls to stores for their label during a time when sales were down and competition with German dollmakers was fierce.
Her Jumeau origin is obvious from the face model, fine bisque and marked Jumeau body. She is a doll with a lively personality and her own unique look. Her head is perfect, no damage or restoration. She has a closed mouth, artfully drawn features, stunning blue paperweight eyes on an early jointed body with loose ball and socket joints and fixed wrists.. Her body has old repaint and the usual wear and scrapes of the period. She wears an artist made dress with antique lace and a couture hat, which perfectly completes her costume. Her wig is a lovely, signed handmade mohair replacement.
Marks: F (incised). Emile Jumeau, circa 1890, specially commissioned doll with rare mystery marking.

16.5” Jumeau Bebe, Mystery Commissioned Doll

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