n a velvet-covered base with a bisque head, brown glass paperweight eyes, closed mouth, carton torso and legs, bisque forearms, and a woven market tray of flowers held at her waist. When wound, she turns her head from side to side, and alternately lifts her arms, exhibiting the flowers she is holding, while a butterfly, tucked among the flowers, flits back and forth.

She wears the Russian costume of Lambert's Bebe Russe in a flower seller variation. I have read that Lambert’s wife designed the costumes and he requested variations so that an identical one is rarely seen. This is the only example I have found with the Russian Bebe as a flower seller. To see her in action go to the Facebook page with my RL Shop name.

Although she was sold to me as “bisque excellent” I found an old slight hairline on the side of her head under her wig- shown in the last picture. It is stable and superficial, not interfering with her features or display. She is priced accordingly.

20" French Lambert Jumeau Automaton Flower-seller with Butterfly